And Crotchety

Lately I’ve been feeling pretty old I’ve got an empty nest looming ever closer and kids who are practically adults. In our neighborhood, I’ll walk around and see the parents walking their preschoolers and toddlers and I realized that I’m one of the old neighbors now. When we first moved into this house, a college … [Read more…]

Attempting to Get Organized

I know that there’s this whole obsessive subculture in which people enjoy taking their groceries and re-homing every ingredient in their house into beautiful minimalist packaging (which some people love and some people hate). I understand the appeal, but I just can’t get over how comically unrealistic they are, at least to me.. Specifically, I … [Read more…]

Little Local Treats

I was walking around Hannaford and saw these: And my first thought was, “How did it take this long for capitalism to come up with this idea? These airplane spoons have been begging to be made for years and years!” On Saturday, Cute W and I took a little walk around the neighborhood and stumbled … [Read more…]


Hey, guess what I did for the first time in years? I went to the theater! There are a heck of a lot of cranky anti-vaxxers whining in the comments of the Proctors Facebook page, but Cute W and I were super-glad about their proof-of-vaccination-and-masking-required policy. I wrote a review of Come From Away which … [Read more…]

Happy Book Surprises

After a pandemic hiatus, I am thrilled to plan a trip back to the Savannah Book Festival. I am a teensy bit nervous, and I might choose which authors to watch based on the sparsest and most well-ventilated venues. However, I love that they’re requiring vaccinations and/or negative tests and masks. And because I am … [Read more…]


It feels like every post lately is a variation on me whining about the pandemic and frankly, that’s tiresome. So here’s a post I meant to write over the summer that I’m finally getting around to sharing. We have become an e-biking family. Really, Cute W is a Massive E-Bike Enthusiast, but to varying degrees, … [Read more…]

I’m Feeling 2022

Happy new year! I hope that you enjoyed your New Year’s Eve. At midnight I was already tucked into bed, watching funny Betty White clips on my phone while Cute W slept next to me. We’d had long-established plans to travel for Christmas, and I’d felt pretty terrified that we were all going to catch … [Read more…]


After our smallest Thanksgiving ever last year (just Cute W, J, and me — M was away in Colorado), we hosted Thanksgiving again this year for a total of what ended up being 19 of us. Along with the return of guests for Thanksgiving, we also brought back our Thankful Tree tradition. A few years … [Read more…]

Getting Ready for the Holidays

I know, you’re right. It’s been a while. First, I’m actually very pleased with the number of holiday activities I’ve found for KidsOutAndAbout, which you can see here. I also think that subscriptions are a great gift idea and there are SO MANY of them — here’s a list we put together if you need … [Read more…]

Bittersweet School Stuff

In spite of the Facebook love-hate relationship, I sincerely love seeing friends’ first day of school and prom photos. This year, though, the Facebook Memories function felt particularly bittersweet. With the first kid gone from the house entirely and the second kid speeding through a high school career that still hasn’t managed to become normal, … [Read more…]