A New Perspective

J borrowed my camera to take some pictures the other day. I loved looking at them–well, most of them. The picture of me was not the most flattering, but it was so interesting to see her perspective. I look tall, towering even.

One of my favorite things about parenthood is when you get new insight into your child’s perspective. When they were infants, it was discovering a light or pattern that grabs and holds their attention. When they started to move, I was fascinated to learn: where do you want to be, little girl? Then they’d start to talk, and the suspense was almost unbearable. I’d been talking at them for a year or a year and a half: what are they going to say to me? It’s even better because they like to go to interesting places, and they say such hilarious, wise, goofy things.

Anyway, here’s life around our house from J’s perspective:

Mary's house

You know Mary, right?


There’s a swing story, too, if you don’t remember.




Nice. J has a good life.



  1. Erin

    These pictures make me want to cry and hand my kids a camera immediately. At least my 8 year old, maybe not the 2 year old. Thank you! I have to say, your blog has made me contemplate moving to Niskayuna (and I am in love with our Albany neighborhood).

  2. Oh, that’s nice Erin! And the moving to Niskayuna part made me laugh because someone recently emailed me because I was scaring her away from the school district with my kvetching about one thing or another, so I had to assure her that I like it very much, thank you.

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