Strawberries, Saratoga Arts Festival, and More This Week

We spent multiple hours at soccer games. The morning was gorgeous. As the day progressed, he weather went seriously downhill, but M’s team improved significantly. Apparently becoming exhausted and rain-sodden agrees with them.

Soccer Dads check the weather radar during the thunder time-out.

Ah, this week. First of all, it’s strawberry picking season. J, my little nature girl, found some in the brush around the soccer fields. If you’re looking for strawberries, check out the page. But I’d advise that you call any destinations first, because up-to-the-minute information is crucial, especially in a year like this, when the strawberry inventory has impacted by nutty weather.

Here are some other ideas (click the day for a more complete list):

Multiple days:

Monday, June 4th:

Tuesday, June 5th:

Wednesday, June 6th:

Thursday, June 7th:

Friday, June 8th:

J picked tons of flowers while her big sister played soccer, and she found a huge leaf that made a wonderful hat. It served as an excellent rain hat and made her look a bit like a fairy. Not so much in this picture, though.

She had many more fashionable looks.


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