A Link and Circus Smirkus Mini-Review

Here’s a link from Free Range Kids about how moms created their own neighborhood camp. Sounds super-awesome, but I’m hoping that someone else in my neighborhood will do this and I can just cheer them on and boast to all of you about my glorious neighborhood (again). So, who’s up for it?

Last night’s Circus Smirkus was awesome. Like, Awe. Some. Really, it was more like awelots. Because there was not some awe, there was a great deal of awe. The performers were terrific, and we could hardly believe how well they did considering how young some of them were. Yes, there were several 18-year-olds, but there were also sisters aged 8 and 11. The girls were so impressed. Actually, M began impressed, exclaiming over the pristine cleanliness of the Port-a-Potties and reminding us that this was her first-ever “real tent circus.”

I, meanwhile, was a bit more skeptical as the show began and the staff kept imploring us to squish closer. It didn’t seem possible that we’d all fit in the bleachers. It felt like they were doing a reverse clown-car thing. But we all managed to fit. If you’re there earlier, kids are invited to sit in the “front row” on the ground right around the ring. My only seating suggestion is to avoid climbing too high if it’s a hot day, because it definitely gets warm in the tent. We were fortunate to have such a pleasant day.

This year’s theme is “Topsy Turvy Time Travel,” and so all of the different acts followed mini-plots from different time periods. The unicycle act mimicked the Old West, the trampoline act took place on a Titanic complete with iceberg, and various acrobats were dressed as the Three Musketeers, Cleopatra, and others. Each act had its own appropriate costumes and music, so it really enhanced the performances. And the performers were great. J, who is always practicing her handstand, could appreciate the skill involved in the Ancient Egyptian and other gymnastics acts. Cute W, who has dabbled in juggling, was impressed with the jugglers’ skills. Even when there was an occasional wobble, it only served to enhance the act, because you saw a hint of how difficult each trick was. It was an excellent show, and they’ll be touring around New England throughout the summer, so catch it if you can.

I have a couple of half-decent photos that I was going to upload, but I’m having technical difficulties, so I’m skipping them (they’re not of the performers, anyway, since no photos are allowed), and I’m also skipping my planned grouse about M at breakfast this morning. As it is, I’ve written this post, lost it, and had to start over. So I’m giving up for the evening.

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