Free Concerts, Naturalist Program, Family Night at SPAC, Art Night Schenectady, & Much More This Week

I’ve never been so happy to see rain. Everyone’s lawn turning to hay was getting so depressing. Yesterday when I shuffled out of bed, the girls sang, “Rain, rain, hip hooray! We’re gonna go see Brave today!’ They’d seen it while visiting their grandparents, but I still wanted to go, and I’d told them we should wait for bad weather.  So they were excited about the rain, too.  Of course, by the time  it was movie time the sun was shining again, but we were committed. It was funny, though, because both girls decided to go for a bathroom break at the same time, so I knew when a scary part was coming. It was a pretty low-key weekend, really. We hung out at the park (J is now diving off the diving board, yay her!), and I went to a 2-hour Zumbathon for charity.  Then Cute W tried to put the universe back into place by making fried mush and bacon  for breakfast this morning and homemade gnocchi for dinner. I’ll just have to Zumba a little more, I guess.

It’s another action-packed week here in the beautiful Capital District. As always, click the day for a more complete list of events, and please let me know if you have more suggestions.

Also, stay tuned, people, because we have a giveaway coming up for tomorrow’s post!

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