In Which I Enjoy Good Fortune

How convenient for me that All Over Albany just posted my little Camping with Kids piece so that I can slack off tonight.

This is the second time I’ve been lucky today. Really, I should say even-luckier-than-usual, because I’m generally lucky. And yes, I just knocked on wood.

Our engine light went on in our car. My super-handy Cute W plugged a doohickey into the car somehow to find out where the exact fault was. and the little doohickey generated a code that indicated, alas, that the fault is the catalytic converter. Estimated repair? $1,500. Yowza.

I’m going away for a couple of days, but I called to make an appointment with the dealer for next week. When I reported Cute W’s amateur findings, the service rep said, “Wait a minute.” After a bit of shuffling it was determined that I had called on the very last day there was an extended warranty that applied to the specific fault that Cute W had found. If I could bring it in sometime today just for the mechanics to stick their doohickey into the car (Stop it. Jeez. Seriously. Stop it. I can’t take you people anywhere. You’re disgusting.) in order to confirm the problem and “open up a repair order” t for the warranty. Sure enough, Dr. Cute W’s diagnosis was correct , we’ve got the paperwork in order, and because we were emotionally prepared to lose a grand and a half, we feel super-wealthy! Hooray!


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