Hurricane Sandy Relief — Local Donation Collection Sites

I was looking for information about local collection sites for hurricane relief, and beyond Mamatoga who has a big list of donation  drop-off locations listed for the Saratoga area, I didn’t find too much. But here’s what I did find.

  • There’s a drop-off site in Guilderland with details on the TU’s Guilderland blog.
  • The First Reformed Church of Schenectady is collecting new socks, new underwear and towels for residents of Staten Island on Sundays from 9-12 or weekdays 9-3, or by arrangement if you call Rev. Stacey Midge at 518-533-8000.
  • YNN’s blog also has a list of drop-off centers as well.
  • WNYC has a great list of volunteer opportunities and resources for people located in or near  NYC and New Jersey. I know we’re not there, but since communication is so spotty for some folks, I thought it might be information worth passing along.
  • Here’s a link to Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund if you want to donate money.

Please feel free to leave comments with links to other drop-off sites. Comments on FB OR on the blog help, but if you really want to spread the word, both works even better.


  1. Lisa

    Coccadotts is accepting donations and will be driving their Cupcake Truck down on Wednesday to deliver. 🙂

  2. Matt

    I thought relief organizations wanted cash, not goods; it costs more money to sort and transport goods in most cases than it does to simply purchase them closer to the relief site from warehouses and move them where needed.

    I like the idea of the cupcake truck going down though, I bet that will bring a lot of smiles!!

  3. @Matt, you’re reminding me of the people in the suburbs who were buying dogfood for the search-and-rescue dogs in the city after 9/11. I was like, Jeez we have dog food in the city. I get the impression that in these cases many of the efforts are by people who know someone in NYC or NJ, so they’ve asked them what they can bring. I don’t know what it is about why people like to buy stuff more than give money–more tangible, maybe?

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