Veterans Day Parade, Family Dance, Puppet Pandemonium, Reindeer Sightings, and More This Weekend!

Look! I told you that our Thankful Tree is better looking this year:

I want to thank you for being “out there” today. I had a bit of a bad day–just many little things going wrong, plus a half day at school (always throws us off), technical difficulties, and a splitting headache. I just downed a few ibuprofen and went to look for an image to add to this post, because I’ve been picture-light lately. Anyway, I pulled out my camera and saw my recent photos, some from bigger events, but others just snapshots of daily life that are there in case I feel like blogging about it. An adorable little box J made for me, some cute hats on display, a recent culinary success, M and her friends posing after soccer. Crafts, silly faces, fall foliage. It’s a good life, especially an excellent reminder when so many people are struggling post-Sandy.

So I’m thankful for the blog, because it forces me to reflect on those ordinary moments that are joyful, even when I’m feeling a bit harassed in the middle of a busy day. Hey–guess I need another construction-paper leaf!

Here’s the link to the most recent newsletter. Remember, as always, that you can click the day itself for a more complete list. It’s a 3-day weekend, baby!

All Weekend or Multiple Days:

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Veterans Day, Monday, November 12th:


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