Syracuse + Links

So, last weekend my family and I went to visit Syracuse. Cute W travels all over the state for work, but it was my first-ever trip to Syracuse. We were invited to check out the brand-new WonderWorks indoor amusement park, but we also checked out some other attractions for a little mini-vacation.

Our hands-down favorite part of the trip was the Canyon Climb Adventure. It was awesome. Check this out:

That’s me and J (teensy), standing at the rail in pink and purple. Basically, it’s a ropes course inside the mall. It’s accessed from the 3rd level of the mall (where we’re standing in the photo), so it looks even crazier from down at the first level:

Here’s a link to my complete review of WonderWorks on  I also reviewed the Rosamond Gifford Zoo, Pole Position Raceway, and a couple of restaurants on our trip to Syracuse.

If you’re looking for these reviews later, they’ll be on my Beyond the Capital District page that’s over on the right.

Speaking of those pages to the right, the Holiday Fun page is out.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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