Another Lazy Links Night

I’ve let all these links pile up again, so it’s quite possible they’re all old news to you by now. But in case you missed them. . .

No Fate But What We Make has a collection of some of the most fabulous treehouses you’ll ever see. has this super-unbelievably fabulous woman singing ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ while doing impressions of various divas. You must have seen this. Right? But if you didn’t, you can’t miss it.

Oh, you’ve totally already seen that Ashton Kutcher Teen Choice Award speech. I know, I suck. Can I plead being overly busy with the beginning of school? Here it is as part of a Pigtail Pals blog post.  And you can skip this over the diva impressions, but so good to link to Pigtail Pals–Melissa’s also always got great girl-power conversations going over on Facebook, too, like when she asks for tips on getting reluctant kids to learn to ride bikes.

And now I’m riddled with guilt for saying that I suck because, oh my goodness, won’t I ever learn? So Wonderful,  So Marvelous has a pep talk–Moms, When Are You Going to Learn?–for next time you’re feeling crappy about yourself.

Here are tips for teaching kids about sex and consent in an age-appropriate way, brought to you by The Good Men Project.

This was a great post on artistic collaboration with her 4-year-old from the busy mockingbird.

They’ve started a blog on Silvergraphics with a cute and easy art-and-science experiment. Rosy, it’s been a while, sister. Gotta keep it up.

The Times Union did an article on our church youth group’s trip to help children in Guatemala through the organization Safe Passage.

And this is old, but I still really liked this piece, 10 Things Your Commencement Speaker Won’t Tell You, from The Wall Street Journal.

Fast Company offers up 10 Simple, Science-Backed Ways to Be Happier. Sounds good to me.





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