Gorgeous, Busy Day!

Wonder what we do on a Friday night?


Well, last night, we each spent some time trying to move a dried apricot from our forehead into our mouth just by changing our facial expressions.

Today was busy. M headed to a rec soccer game while J went to gymnastics. Then we all picked J up from gymnastics to do some apple picking at Lindsay’s.


We’d forgotten that it was Clifton Park’s Farm Fest 2013, so we were astounding just by how super-busy every place was. The traffic trying to get into Bowman’s was crazy. After picking at Lindsay’s we usually stop by Riverview to pick up some cider donuts (spreading our love/dollars from orchard to orchard), but the line was so huge that we aborted the mission after picking up a few decorative gourds.


There were pumpkins, too, but I told the girls that I wasn’t emotionally prepared to think about pumpkins until October.

After we got home, we strolled over to Robert Blood’s Sculpture Festival at his home in our neighborhood. J had actually visited his house before as part of an art camp, so she was our guide and made sure that we headed out to the garage, where we could see works in progress. People in Niskayuna are familiar with his work because it’s all over his front yard (you can see an example at the above link), but inside there were many smaller sculptures, mostly nudes, as well as other works. I took a picture of this one in the backyard:


Having worked out, enjoyed the great outdoors, and spent some time appreciating art, the girls settled down at home and began doing some homework. Homework? Yes. They both had work to do for school, believe it or not. I know. Luckily we’re still in our beginning-of-school diligent phase. But there wasn’t much time, because pretty soon we were biking over to the Niskayuna Fall Fun Run. And after that, it was showers (mostly) all around, then we headed to Tara Kitchen, the first visit for the girls. Luckily, they love it as much as we do. Of course, by the time we’d filled our doggy boxes, we were all about ready to lay our heads down on the table and go to sleep.







  1. Big Sister

    Dried apricots moving via facial expression? Please explain. Seems like an alcoholic beverage would help — except not for 10 year olds, of course.

  2. Oh my gosh, Big Sister, you’re so right! It would be an excellent drinking game!! I’ll have to keep that in mind. A while back, M went out on this 2-day camp-out birthday party in which the guests were divided into teams for an Amazing Race-style set of challenges. One of them involved this activity, except with Nilla Wafers. Personally, I think Nilla Wafers are gross. So we did apricots: put an apricot on your forehead, then furrow and unfurrow your brow and tilt your head in an attempt to work it all the way to your mouth. Getting it off the brow and onto a cheekbone is easy. The tough part is getting it into the mouth without overshooting and having it hit the floor. As in many drinking games, it helps if you have a long tongue.

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