Once Again I’m Behind on All the Trends

First, I was on WNYT’s  Newschannel 13 Live at Noon yesterday, and you can watch it here. You might have to scroll down a bit to “Fun Fall Activities.” I haven’t watched it, but I do remember that I spoke very, very quickly. I think if I watched I’d just focus on what I didn’t like–easier to trust other people who say it went okay. For those of you looking for fun this weekend, it’s a preview of coming attractions.

Anyway. . .

A few weeks ago the girls took a walk around the neighborhood and arrived home sporting adorable rubber-band bracelets that one of M’s friends had given her. The next day, one of J’s friends gifted her with another homemade rubber-band bracelet. I couldn’t help wondering whether there’s some sort of Cool Moms Meeting in which the with-it grown-ups are apprised of the very latest trends so that their children will be supplied with these items and become the envy of their peers.

Fast forward a bit, and J and I were discussing items that she’d like for her goody bag, since her birthday’s coming up. The party itself is going to be a low-key affair–only three girls invited–but putting together the goody bags is always a favorite part. So of course we both thought of a little supply of rubber bands for bracelets. Because I am not a Cool Mom who knows that this sort of crafting requires Special Equipment like a plastic loom-like apparatus and crochet hook. I went shopping at Michael’s, as suggested by a knowledgeable 8-year-old, and I finally understood the myth behind the Cool Mom: it’s actually a massive display of Rainbow Looms as you walk into the store. I’d just wanted the little rubber bands. I went to two different stores before conceding defeat, schlepping back to Michael’s, and forking over the almost twenty bucks for one of these contraptions, with the revised plan that each girl could get a homemade bracelet in her goody bag.

J was on board: she went right to work:


Speaking of trendy items, another goody bag feature will  be some eos Lip Balms. Yes, these were hot among the then-5th graders last spring, but I’m bargaining that it takes a while for the trends to trickle down to third grade.



The trouble now is that the goody bags are looking interesting enough that M feels like she needs to “help” J by advising her on the color distribution, etc., of the various items. She’s got a stake in this since, at our house, sisters always score a goody bag, too. Still, M is bossy, bossy, bossy. I just told her to back off and was rewarded by a pointedly angry exit from the house so that she could take a walk up and down the driveway, then some death stares, and finally an antisocial stalk up to bed early. I know that I should feel punished, but mostly I’m just glad to clock out for the night.


  1. Claire

    I didn’t think you talked fast at all! (But then again, I’m a fast talker myself…) Thank you for posting the link here. I DVR’d it, but for some reason when I DVR anything on the local channels, it doesn’t work out. Actually, even when I try to watch the local channels on my downstairs TV (the one with the DVR), they never come in very well. I should probably call Timewarner Cable and ask them to do something about it, but I honestly don’t use the local channels often enough to bother. Anyway, I thought you did a great job!

  2. Nicole

    Ollie’s next door to Michaels (in crossgates commons) had the contraption to make the rubber band bracelets but no directions to go with it. Lots of rubber bands for a fraction of the cost too!

  3. @Claire, thanks. I’m cable-free and pretty much unaware of most local tv.
    @Nicole, oh–good tip. The girls used directions via Youtube and made a couple of awesome bracelets today.

  4. Mary Ellen

    I loved the imaginary family idea on the tv show. I think you could have your own program. We have a husband and wife who do a local show here in the Poconos… You and Cute W. would be great on a weekly show. Micheals website has printable 40% off coupons. Sometimes I even remember to print them.

  5. Claire

    Katie: some time could you do a blog post about the no-cable thing? (Or maybe you’ve already done one and I missed it?) I have a love-hate relationship with cable, and my biggest reason for having it is the DVR. I am always interested in learning about alternatives.

  6. @Mary Ellen: I love the families, and thank you for your confidence–if only you were a tv producer with a huge budget for salaries. . . and re: coupon—sure, now you tell me!
    @Claire, on it!

  7. suzanne

    Great job Katie! I totally agree with Maryellen…you should have you’re own show…and loved the family idea.

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