The Wonder Room

Yesterday I finally visited The Wonder Room. J signed up for their gingerbread-house-making session part of their Community Table Sampler series. They had plenty of fun supplies!


In fact, they pretty much have plenty of fun supplies everywhere: the seasonal, the classics, the trendy. . . check, check, check.

While J was crafting away, I was poking around, taking pictures and notes for a review for, which will be available with this week’s email newsletter.

But I was super-excited because it’s a mecca for “playing is learning” early childhood education geeks, like me! I saw the collection of quotes and my heart pitter-pattered. There was a whole binder full of articles about how the youngest children learn, and along with the kid-pleasing posters and kid-produced artwork, there were items like the analysis of all that’s happening while children are squishing playdough.

I walked around thinking, ah, these are my people! I loved that there was plenty to inspire learning among the grown-ups as well as the kids. I found myself jealous of another mom, who was borrowing the super-cool book Inspiring Spaces for Young Children (as part of their unbelievably awesome toy and book lending program for members–more on that in my review!), and I had to restrain myself from grabbing at it and yelling, “Mine!”

Anyway, it’s worth a visit, for sure. Great if you’re in that new-parent stage when you’re still trying to understand how your little one ticks and also a stress-free and manageable space if you’re juggling more than one little kid.

And J enjoyed herself, too. Here’s her finished product!


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