Embracing Summer

On the first Friday of summer I decided that we needed to seize the summer a bit, so we went strawberry picking at Bowman Orchards.


I don’t think that we’d ever gone to Bowman for the strawberries before. It was surprisingly busy. In fact, when we saw everyone, we were all a little worried that the place would be all picked over. Turns out that that wasn’t a problem:


Once we got home, J spearheaded a baking effort. I suggested checking out a couple of recipes, but she decided to go on her own, writing up a plan that included honey. It looked pretty good, but it would have benefited from getting cooked down a bit.


What else have we been up to? J went to the town’s Traveling Science Camp, which she and her BFF were excited about, but it ended up being waaaayy too much time on a hot bus. M, meanwhile, spent last week slobbing out, big-time. She listened to several This American Life podcasts, including both of the stories on Harper High School, which seemed to me, just coming off of a party at a girlfriend’s with a fabulous house, pool, and trampoline, like the perfect program to balance things out. She also made a half-batch of chocolate chip cookie dough, then skipped the baking and went straight to eating. There also may or may not have been a short tap dance routine that involved slamming a bunch of kitchen cabinets and drawers, Stomp-style. In other words, she’s been embracing summer.

Soccer activities have started up now, and next week J is starting up gymnastics again after a break, plus she’s doing art camp.


  1. Claire

    We were at Bowman’s last Friday too! It was crowded. Perfect day for it, though. Happy Summer!

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