J’s Dryad Costume

This year M is dressing up as Shaggy with two friends, who’ll be Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo. Tan pants, green shirt: it’s a pretty easy costume. Done. J and her friends haven’t reached the Communal Costuming Phase yet, so she’s a free agent. Every year we get the Chasing Fireflies catalog, which makes me … [Read more…]

Halloween Stuff

How did I forget to share these? I wrote two recent articles for KidsOutAndAbout.com: Beyond Candy: why you should offer trick-or-treaters choices, with a few suggestions, and Fourteen Frightfully Fabulous Halloween Read-Aloud Books, which has since become fifteen after a reader wrote in with a suggestion. I’m hoping to post about J’s work-in-progress costume soon.

Busy, Busy!

Yep, it’s been a few days, but I’ve been busy. On Thursday, we had our first Girls’ Circles of the season, and I followed it up with a meeting, so my day was pretty much shot right there. On Friday, Deb and I were on WNYT’s Live at Noon talking about Halloween fun. I know: … [Read more…]

Ellms Family Farm

Over the weekend, J and her gymnastics team visited Ellms Family Farm. I’d been to Ellms before, but just for cutting down Christmas trees. But it turned out to be a pretty excellent autumn experience, too. First, we hit the Maize Maze. As you may have guess, I am not a corn maze aficionado. My … [Read more…]

Neighborhood Walk & Random Updates

On my birthday, I took a little walk around the neighborhood. My original vision was a family walk, but when I tried to recruit, only J was truly interested (Cute W would have come, but we all know it would have been a Pity Walk. I don’t need no stinkin’ Pity Walk). Anyway, we were … [Read more…]


J is now ten. I meant to report on her birthday, because I was very pleased with the cleverness of the Gift Presentation. Her big gift was a Yogibo lounging-bag-type-thing. I don’t really get the appeal of these things, honestly, but the girls always want to go into the store whenever we’re at Crossgates. A … [Read more…]

Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows

Now that you asked, it really was a crappy morning.  I woke up at the usual time, which meant trouble right away. Last night, J was sobbing over her math homework. She was appalled by her Unbelievable Stupidity. The math teacher had mentioned, oh, by the way, you kids haven’t learned how to do long … [Read more…]

Minor Irritations

For no particular reason, here are some things that are irritating me this fall: Helicopters. You know, those maple seeds? They are sticky, and with the warm weather, I’m still running around outside barefoot, and inevitably, these stupid helicopters stick to the soles of my feet. Although looking for a link, I learned something new: … [Read more…]

The Perils of Facebook

I’ve said before that I have a love-hate thing going with Facebook. I’m on it quite a bit, between putting these posts on the Capital District Fun page, adding all sorts of updates to the KidsOutAndAbout page, and helping out with the Schenectady Working Group on Girls page. It’s reconnected me to some lovely people, … [Read more…]