Busy, Busy!

Yep, it’s been a few days, but I’ve been busy. On Thursday, we had our first Girls’ Circles of the season, and I followed it up with a meeting, so my day was pretty much shot right there. On Friday, Deb and I were on WNYT’s Live at Noon talking about Halloween fun. I know: … [Read more…]

Oh, Fudge!

Before Christmas I asked my mom what she’d like for a gift, and she gave me the old just-glad-to-be-happy-and-healthy malarky before she finally conceded that books are always a good idea. Now, last year I’d given her books by authors who’d be appearing at the Savannah Book Festival, where my sisters and I would be … [Read more…]

Another Recipe Fail Prompts Me To Establish A Convoluted Rating System That Doesn’t Exist But Should

The other day Cute W messaged me with a link to a recipe. They were cookies that looked decadent, labor-intensive, and utterly delicious. I don’t know why he sends me these things. Seriously, I already make plenty of unhealthful yummy foods that I love to eat, and I don’t need to acquire more unbelievably tasty … [Read more…]

Muir Glen Gift Pack!

You all know that I’m cheap, but I don’t go around begging for free stuff. There are a ton of “Mommy Blogs” out there packed with giveaways and coupon codes and product reviews, and I’ll do it occasionally, but it’s not really my cuppa. I’ll do a giveaway if I think it’s something that you’ll … [Read more…]

Overindulgent Breakfast Carbs

Cute W loves cinnamon rolls. We’ve always made the pre-packaged kind, which I don’t love. It leaves that gross-tastic coating of fake on my tongue. So for Father’s Day I decided to try to go homemade with this recipe from allrecipes.com. Oh, they were delicious. And not too hard to make. I followed a reviewer’s … [Read more…]

Slow Cooker Meals

Our schedule continues to be crazy, especially at dinnertime, so I’ve been trying a bunch of new slow cooker recipes. I thought I’d share some links. The clear winner among our new recipes was this Chickpeas in Curried Coconut Broth recipe from Oxmoor House on the My Recipes site.   In fact, our only problem … [Read more…]

Chocolate Mousse

Recently it was Cute W’s birthday, and instead of cake, I made him a family favorite: chocolate mousse. We all love this mousse. Cute W brought some leftover mousse with him to work the next day, and while he was eating (and probably moaning, just a little, with pleasure), one of his co-workers apparently asked … [Read more…]

Baking Bread

So lately I’ve been baking our family’s bread. For one thing, we don’t have a make-a-sandwich bread that we really like. For the longest time we loved Pepperidge Farm Nutty Oat bread, but these days we can’t ever find it. When I look for bread, I’m always trying to find something with, I don’t know, … [Read more…]