Snow Globe

We’ve been pretty lazy for a couple of days. This is delightful, except that J secretly hates being lazy. If left to her own devices, she could spend an entire day binge-watching Netflix, and, really, every once in a while, that would be okay with me. Except that such a day leaves her with the … [Read more…]


We’re having a very mellow and nuclear-family-focused Christmas. We’ll usually travel far to visit with family, so this is a welcome change of pace, especially after multiple soccer tournament trips and hosting a bunch of family for Thanksgiving this fall. As excited as we were about the prospect of being lazy at home for the … [Read more…]

Thai Thai Bistro

The whole family has been anxiously awaiting the re-opening of Thai Thai Bistro. We used to love to go back when it was downtown in the very pretty Nicholaus Building which is now sadly all cattywhompus. In fact, we were fans back when it was Bangkok Bistro (which still has its other location in Colonie), … [Read more…]

Hive Mind

You know that Cute W loves games. We have a ton of games at our house, and our supply often outpaces our ability or inclination to play all of them. When I find a game we really like, I tell you about it. Here’s the latest favorite: Hive Mind.   Cute W actually acquired this … [Read more…]

Christmas Preparations

The other day I was at the post office mailing a package. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself, because I’d managed to pull together a crafty little gift for my mother-in-law’s birthday. Then I got to the post office. First, I was in a line with multiple people who were sending several packages for … [Read more…]

Snowy Adjustments

On Monday we had a 2-hour snow delay at school. The 2-hour snow delay has evolved over time. During the early elementary school years, the breakdown was approximately: 120 minutes =    10 minutes of shrieking with joy + 20 minutes of  looking for and putting on snow clothing + 40 minutes of playing in … [Read more…]

Facebook, You Are Weird

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about how Facebook encourages us to stay inside our own little echo chambers. Of course, if you’re even moderately aware of the world around you, you sense that your feed is custom-made for you, right down to showing you ads for whatever you just bought on Facebook. Still, … [Read more…]

Fa, La, La, La, Fail

One thing I forgot to mention about Thanksgiving weekend is that it started getting chilly. Cute W and M left on Friday afternoon for M’s tournament, and sometime Friday night, it just started getting awfully cold in the house. I was feeling a little self-conscious about the cold because my parents have become fluffy-bunny Southerners … [Read more…]