It was a surprisingly nice Easter. It started with a hunt for baskets. Here’s J’s basket stuffed into a kitchen drawer:

Hiding the Easter baskets is an old tradition that has been on hiatus for the last few years when we’d travel over spring break. In fact, if not for this freakin’ virus, we would be in Mexico right now. And I can’t even be bitter about it, because I am too busy being grateful that we have a house and a yard and good health (knock on wood!) and enough food and toilet paper.

So anyway, here at home, we overindulged in chocolate and Easter goodies and also set up an egg hunt in the yard. We were very fortunate to have a beautiful day.

Then it was decadent brunch time.

Biscuits and gravy, some roasted vegetables, and a cocktail by J.

That’s right: along with learning to knit and honing her embroidery skills, my 15-year-old is now dabbling in bartending. That drink was a French 75.

She has also made us margaritas, and last night it was Caipiroskas (here they are while it was still a work in progress).

Here’s the thing: Cute W and I want to support our daughters through this troubled time by encouraging their creative efforts. And if that means we need to drink more cocktails, so be it. We are willing to do it. For the children.


  1. Claire

    The sacrifices we make for our children! But seriously, I’m glad you had a good Easter. And we sure did luck out with the weather, when you think of the three days of heavy wind right before Easter and the the rain the day after Easter.

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