In Praise of Small Joys

These days it’s hard not to grocery shop without feeling grateful. Grateful if you’ve scored some toilet paper, grateful that you can pay for your groceries, and grateful if you are fortunate enough to get to leave and not come back for a long while. So while I was unpacking groceries, I was ticking off those moments of gratitude.

I’m feeling a little cranky lately. In-the-building schooling has ended for the year, and the at-home experience is not something the girls enjoy. Whatever we end up doing for graduation is not going to feel like what we expected graduation would feel like. People are sick and other people are in denial. So I’m going to try to buck myself up and count my blessings.

Oh, spinach! You are so wonderful and nourishing, and both of my children love you, which is a big Mom Win. When I am so fortunate that my refrigerator is full, I can steam you quickly in the microwave, and suddenly you take up much less space while you wait for your starring role when Cute W throws you in some crepes.

Ya’ll: I scored flour. So, first of all, hooray for flour. But, even better, this Majestic Canister. We have one for flour and one for sugar. There is so very much to love about these two containers. First, they were wedding gifts, so they are over 25 years old, and yes they’ve been dropped on the floor, but through some magic (craftmanship? good kitchen karma?), they have survived. They are the perfect size for emptying a 5 lb. bag of something. And the top has the perfect amount of suction power. Every time I dip into one of these, I feel happy. They’re just *chef’s kiss* perfection.

I love yellow mangoes. I feel about yellow mangoes the way Kramer felt about Mackinaw peaches. Whenever I encounter them I am deeply, deeply happy. If you see one next time you shop, treat yourself.

I am married to a man who is silly enough that he has fake mustaches available any time, just in case he needs to wear one. Even better, he never, ever has a real mustache himself. Which is excellent, because I think that they’re ewww.

I am truly fortunate to have self-motivated children. They get their school work done, they go for a walk, they take walks for mental health, they’ve even been keeping their rooms clean. Yes, they spend a ton of time on the phone and watch too much TV lately. As far as I’m concerned, that shows excellent judgment and coping skills.

Hello! Look at these very snuggly kitties.

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