Little Local Treats

I was walking around Hannaford and saw these:

And my first thought was, “How did it take this long for capitalism to come up with this idea? These airplane spoons have been begging to be made for years and years!”

On Saturday, Cute W and I took a little walk around the neighborhood and stumbled upon a new business that we hadn’t heard about:

Whisky Business Bakery is on Union Street right near Storied Coffee, and Saturday was only its second day open. They specialize in macarons, but apparently they’d vastly underestimated how busy they’d be: by the time I walked in (Cute W hadn’t brought a mask), their display cases were almost entirely empty. I did manage to snag us their very last brownie:

It was very dense and very moist and a bit of a mild, not-too-fudgy chocolate. Tasty. We’ll definitely be going back soon to try some macarons.

This reminds me that I somehow neglected to mention two other new (or new-ish, now) shops on Upper Union Street that are just lovely. I think that it’s because I usually remember to post based on pictures that I take, but when you walk into a very small, very new store full of earnest and helpful employees, it is awkward to take photos. Instead I just have to buy something because I don’t want to disappoint anyone.

The Flower Press offers up plants, cut flowers, stationery, and home and gift stuff. It is super-lovely and the kind of place where you could easily blow a bunch of cash acquiring all sorts of things that you had no idea you needed until you encountered them.

UPshining Houseplant Shop is a bit newer, and it’s a total plant person’s houseplant shop. They have a ton of plants and a ton of lovely pots, both in a variety of sizes. They can also point you toward what will work best based on your lighting situation and skill level. I got this gorgeous plant and the pot that it’s in a few weeks ago:

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