Less Plastic

I’ve talked about various reusables before, but in the continuing quest to use less plastic, I have a couple more suggestions.

First, this Tru Earth laundry detergent. Yes, I still use those balls, but I like a nice smell, too. These are little strips that look like teensy fabric softeners, but they actually dissolve into soapiness. Along with feeling virtuous that we’re not wasting plastic, these take up much less space on your shelf and are easy to pack if you want just-in-case detergent handy.

packages of Tru Earth detergent is Fresh Linen and Lilac Breeze

But I am even more excited about my transition to bars for shampoo and conditioner. This started when J requested a couple when we were shopping at Nourish in Savannah. I honestly don’t remember which varieties we bought, because they were really for her, but at some point I tried and liked them, especially the shampoo bar.

When I decided to get something of my own, I started out with the Love Beauty and Planet 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner bar. This was largely because it’s conveniently located at Hannaford and Target instead of having to send away. I am always skeptical of a 2 in 1, but I figured it would be fine if it just worked as a shampoo. I was right: it doesn’t condition enough for me, but I love it as a shampoo.

Meanwhile, I was in need of a conditioner, so I thought I’d branch out and try someplace new–I think there was a sale at the time. From The Earthling Co., I ordered a wild vanilla conditioner bar for myself and let J choose a shampoo & conditioner bar to take with her to Italy. I love this conditioner — it does that thing where my hair feels silky immediately after I’ve conditioned — my hair is so prone to tangling that I comb it through with a wide-toothed comb in the shower while the conditioner’s still in there, and is a freakin’ delight. I’ve used it for a bit over two months and I’d say it’s got another couple of months to go.

Next on the list: bar shave soap.

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