No Mow May, Year Two

After getting a citation last year for our first attempt at a May Without Mowing, this year, I’m taking a more pro-active approach:

I made my very own No Mow May sign! Oh, but first: in the foreground, please appreciate our baby tree, which was only a tiny stick when we acquired it for Arbor Day 2020. Such a big, grown-up tree!

But back to the sign:

I am hoping to spread the “go native” gospel, but if I don’t, maybe people will at least realize that the swishy high grass is a conscious choice and not a sign of neglect. Especially since we’re on the Niska-Day parade route again this year.

And aren’t I fancy? I even included a QR code, which takes you to a page on this very blog with more information about No Mow May, planting native, and more.

Some of the new babies I planted last year are already making an experience. With others, we’re still waiting. But meanwhile, I also yanked out another invasive shrub from the back yard, with plans to pull a couple of others and replace them with something a little more eco-friendly. Cute W, meanwhile, is starting vegetable seeds this spring. All of our nurturing energy needs to go somewhere!


  1. Big Sister

    Love this idea. Maybe you can give away your very awesome signs at Nisky Day? Spread the cause!

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