Front Patio Plantings Update

Last summer, after Cute W made our fabulous new front patio, I added a whole bunch of new native plantings, which I finally caught you all up on later that fall in this post. Now that things have come up in the spring, I thought I’d give you a bit of a before-and-after update. I … [Read more…]

Early Morning

I am trying to train myself to be a Morning Person. Okay, I will probably never be a true morning person, but I’m attempting to be less of an Absolutely-Not-A-Morning-Person. To that end, I’ve been going outside early. Typically, I will wake up and not fully start my day until after I’ve puttered on my … [Read more…]

30 Years

Last week, Cute W and I went to our 30th reunion at Grinnell College. For the 20 years between our 5th reunion and our 25th reunion, we barely visited the place. I think at some point we took a quick stop on campus so that the girls could see the place, and we climbed a … [Read more…]