On Saturday, Cute W and I headed to Central Park for the second-ever NipperFest Music and Arts Festival. Mark your calendars for next year, people, because I think this festival is going to just keep getting better and better every year. What’s so fantastic, for us, is that it’s in Schenectady’s Central Park, a convenient … [Read more…]

Summer Catch-Up

I know, y’all, it’s been a while! I’ve been fairly busy lately. J arrived home, so there was quite a bit of unpacking and sorting and catching up and, of course, cooking tasty food. We spent a week with my extended family at Virginia Beach. I love-love-love an ocean beach vacation! This was our first … [Read more…]


Earlier last week, I was working with a list of requested recipes: our kale salad, black bean and corn dip, and a chocolate chia breakfast cake. I was stocking up the fridge with plenty of fresh fruit. And don’t forget the frozen fruit, along with Trader Joe’s treats. Some of my daughters’ most ardent expressions … [Read more…]