Viva Empanadas

One of J’s jobs this summer has been working at Viva Empanadas at Galleria 7 in Latham. She’s really loved it, and the owners have been super-friendly and kind to her. We finally got around to visiting recently, and it is also extremely delicious. Here’s what we got: This is the grilled chicken sandwich with … [Read more…]

The Newest DIY Project

We’ve been working like dogs on our latest project: redoing what we call “The Purple Room.” This room is located at the back of the house, so it’s a high traffic entryway as well as my home office. Here’s a “before” picture of me in my home office: Now, why did we call this place … [Read more…]

Rotary Youth Exchange 101 ~ Getting the Visa

After getting prepared academically and applying to go abroad with the Rotary, steps that are likely pretty similar for any other students from our area, the last big step for us was obtaining a visa for J to spend the academic year in Italy. This is where experiences vary, because all countries have different procedures. … [Read more…]

Summer Dinner Salads

With the massive amount of heat we’ve had lately, our family decided that we needed to expand our repertoire of main dish salads. I don’t love testing new recipes, because it’s always more work the first time you make something, and then sometimes it’s an utter flop. But I’m psyched to report that we have … [Read more…]