I’ve been chugging back to life, but, honestly, not doing a tippy-top job of it. I have caught up with most, but not all, of the things I’ve neglected for the past week and a half, and I’m still feeling a little Covid-brained. For example, one thing I still haven’t done since our latest DIY … [Read more…]

Covid Again

I have so much to catch up with, but I’ve been pretty much out of commission. Last Saturday we got a call from J: just one week into college, she’d tested positive for Covid. As delightful as Smith College is, it didn’t seem to offer much in the way of accommodations for her: there was … [Read more…]

Parenting Again

Whoa, it’s been super-busy the last few weeks. So I’m playing catch-up. Did you catch the last sentence of that recent Rotary post? We’re hosting a Rotary exchange student this fall! G is from Brazil. J had such a fantastic time, and her families were so gracious and kind to her, that we felt like … [Read more…]