I’ve been chugging back to life, but, honestly, not doing a tippy-top job of it. I have caught up with most, but not all, of the things I’ve neglected for the past week and a half, and I’m still feeling a little Covid-brained.

For example, one thing I still haven’t done since our latest DIY project is organize my desk. It’s just the last thing on the list every day, and then for quite a few days I wasn’t even getting to a list, or the list would be all-new things I hadn’t planned on, like driving to Northampton and ordering masks. So today I was trying to clean my desk, and one thing I wanted to do was pin a couple of items up on my new bulletin board collage. Actually, one was a little copy of the Constitution I just got when G and I went to see “What the Constitution Means to Me” at the REP. Here’s the review I wrote.

Anyway, I needed pins to put it on the bulletin board, but then I remembered that I’d used my pins with a new embroidery project, and they were still in J’s room from when we were isolating together.

Which reminds me, I think that I haven’t shown you the last embroidery project, which was putting some flowers on a hat. Here it is:

So I went upstairs to get the pins and when I went into J’s room I realized that I still hadn’t finished making her bed from the other day, when I moved out of her room and pulled off all the Covid-cootie sheets. So I made her bed, and since it’s getting chilly, I had to look for a blanket, and then by the time I’d found the right blanket and made the bed, I forgotten all about the pins.

And eventually, at my desk, I remembered the pins again, and I went back upstairs to get them. But in the process I also couldn’t help but notice that I hadn’t put my plants back where they belong. I had been neglecting my plants for a while, there, and I had a couple of specific assignments. First, J had asked me to please move the unhappy spider plant that was in her room to somewhere with more light. It had been languishing for months, while another spider plant in a window on the other side of the house has been sprouting spider babies and little flowers. Obviously, that is just not fair. So I had gone to move the plant, but then, when I started to move the plant, I realized that it also looked like it was unhappy in its pot, and sure enough, it was really quite root-bound. So then I repotted it, and in the process, I remembered that I’d basically forgotten about another piece of spider plant that I’d put in water to root after my cats had maliciously attacked it and ripped it off. So after cutting off quite a few sad pieces (pictured below), I tucked the heroic little surviving baby into the soil with its cousin.

All of which I’d already done earlier today, well before the time I went upstairs to get the pins, but that’s literally just one example of the plant maintenance I had done today, and when I went upstairs, I realized I hadn’t finished my clean-up. Basically, a houseplant spa happened. Some plants were soaking in sinks, others were recovering from their recent baths (dripping in my shower), and two, which I realized were curling up their leaves because I hadn’t been misting them sufficiently (in part because I was all about eliminating humidity and creating cross breezes as part of my Covid strategy), had spent the afternoon enjoying a little sauna treatment. Once I went upstairs for the pins, by the time I’d wiped up the discolored drips and errant scattered soil, I’d forgotten about my desk again.

And then later, I went upstairs to get those pins and I remembered that it is a trash and recycling night, and I had to get all of that stuff together and out into their bins, and then once I’d walked out to the curb, I had to take a few minutes outside to enjoy the very pleasant evening on the patio.

And, oh my lordy, I am doing it again, because as I sat at my desk with the actual container of pins, ready to tidy, my eyes fell on the “to do” list with the also-frequently-neglected-task of writing a post. So I decided to do that. And Cute W is currently out of town for work, so I’m doing what I always do when he’s not around with his Morning Person vibes: I have frittered away the evening and now it’s 10:15 pm and I haven’t even started to relax for the evening. Well, I may not get the whole desk clean, but I’m going to at least pin these things up before I fall asleep, dammit.


  1. Nana in Savannah

    I am laughing out loud and am so happy you finally pinned the waiting desk items to the bulletin board. I love the hat—very creative and great needle skills. xoxo

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