Straddling Spring & Winter

I started walking in the mornings, which felt delightful, and then it got cold again and the contrast between my warm, snuggly bed and damp chilly wind outside was simply more than I could bear. The trouble with this time of year is that at first you’re so winter-acclimated that a sunny 30-degree day feels … [Read more…]

Social Media

I feel like social media has been a bit of a struggle lately. I am old enough to remember back when we had three to five TV channels, and most people watched the most popular shows or big broadcasts like the Super Bowl and the Olympics. And then things fractured more and more, first into … [Read more…]

Empty Nest, Again

Last weekend M flew out of Albany for her spring semester abroad in Santiago Chile. Actually, we had a bit of a scare when she first checked in at the airport. The service rep at the desk said, “I can’t issue your ticket.” She then explained that since it would be for more than 3 … [Read more…]