Throwback Photos – Part 1

I mentioned that my Mom sent me home from my last visit with old photos, and one of my tasks lately has been to get them sorted and organized. This is a huge project that is getting folded into sorting through more recent photos that I already had stored away and have been meaning to … [Read more…]

Embroidered Sneakers

I’m still doing embroidery, and I decided, after the tragic loss of my baseball cap, that my next project would be to embroider a pair of sneakers. You may have seen all sorts of embroidered Converse on Etsy and elsewhere, and they are adorable. However, I wasn’t sure if mine would end up adorable, and … [Read more…]

Eclipse 2024

Hey! I don’t know what your level of enthusiasm was for the recent solar eclipse, but it’s been a hot topic among my work colleagues for literally years. To catch yourself up on why, read last week’s KidsOutAndAbout publisher’s note, which I hijacked from Deb. We had made tentative eclipse Zone of Totality plans and … [Read more…]

Yes, And… More Vegetables

Cute W was out of town for a few days, and while he was, I took the opportunity to try a couple of new recipes. There’s really no logical reason why I should save “alone time” for trying new recipes, except that it is always disappointing when you try a new recipe and it turns … [Read more…]