Girl Power Picture Books

Robert San Souci, Fa Moulan: The Story of a Woman Warrior , Young Guinevere. . . others, too.  Love him!


Emma Bull, The Princess and the Lord of Night

Jacqueline K. Ogburn, The Lady & the Lion

Anne Sibley O’Brien, The Princess and the Beggar:  A Korean Folktale

Aaron Shepard,  Master Maid: A Tale of Norway

Burleigh Muten, Grandmothers’ Stories, Lady of Ten Thousand Names, Goddesses, and other Barefoot Books

Louise Hawes, Muti’s Necklace: The Oldest Story in the World

Laura Krauss Melmed, Little Oh

Laurence Yep, The Shell Woman and the King

Amy Ehrlich & Susan Jeffers, The Wild Swans

The Barefoot Book of Princesses

Root, Phyllis, Lucia and the Light

lucia and the light book

These are less princess/folktale focused, but still beautiful and/or inspiring. . . .

Shana Corey, Mermaid Queen: the Spectacular True Story of Annette Kellerman, Who Swam Her Way to Fame, Fortune, and Swimsuit History!

Emily Arnold McCully, Mirette on the High Wire, Beautiful Warrior, The Bobbin Girl, The Orphan Singer, and more

William Steig, Brave Irene

Ruby Bridge Goes to School: My True Story


Mary Hoffman, Amazing Grace

Kevin Henkes, Sheila Rae, the Brave

Michelle Markel, Brave Girl: Clara and the Shirtwaist Makers’ Strike of 1909

Diane Wolkstein, The Banza : A Haitian Story

Judy, Sierra, The Dancing Pig

Copeland, Misty, Firebird



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