Favorite Books & Games

Here are links to some of my lists and reviews of favorite books and games.

My Favorite Books

Girl Power Picture Books

What We’re Reading


Games for 3- and 4-year-olds

Homemade Photo Games for Babies and Preschoolers

Camel Up – a gambling-style board game that involves strategy and luck

Fluxx – a flexible card game that kids can jump into any time

Guess Who – a preschool classic! Little kids love this one, and it’s good for deductive reasoning (with a couple other reviews)

Hive Mind – an easy-start, social game for a lot of people

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes – a fun puzzle-style strategy game using a computer

Set – a cool thinking game that can be played solitaire

Sleeping Queens – a creative card game that’s one of our all-time favorites (with a couple other reviews)

Small World – a complex strategy game

Takenoko – a game that feels a little complicated at the beginning, but it’s one of our favorites–strategy and luck

Zingo -a fast-paced preschool classic that encourages literacy (with a couple other reviews)