A Few Games, A Few Links

After reading about our Small World game for Big Kids, Jahnavi asked for suggestions for games for kids who are 3 or 4 years old. Alas, it’s tough to find a game for the preschool set that’s much fun for parents. Really, any fun at all. My kids liked Hi Ho Cherry O and Candyland. Classics, although the actual games are pretty dreary except that the kids take such delight in playing them. We all liked playing Poppa’s Pizza Topple, although the pieces are too slippery-slidey, so it was only fun once we’d roughed them up enough to be able to play a decent game. Later there two games that both kids loved-loved-loved for a long, long time: Guess Who and Zingo. They still play Guess Who sometimes. Both of these games were improvements over Hi Ho and Candyland, although since I’ve played them about a thousand times, and somewhere in the three hundreds it became pretty tiresome.

How about the rest of you, dear readers? Any suggestions on games for the preschool set?

Okay, you may recall that I was irritated about the “I’m too pretty to do homework” shirts at JC Penney recently, and so I thought I should point out that Pigtail Pals has a “response” shirt that reads “Pretty’s got nothing to do with it” with all sort of other girl qualities instead. This is the same woman, Melissa, who wrote the Waking Up Full of Awesome post that someone may have passed along to you already. So there’s a “Full of Awesome” t-shirt, too.

Another link I came across recently (sorry–can’t remember where) is this What’s in Breast Milk poster that compares the ingredients between breast milk and formula. Interesting.

And speaking of choices for newborns, The Bloggess wrote a hilarious (and possibly offensive, depending on your sensibilities–I’m just warning you) post on circumcision for The Stir on Cafe Mom.




  1. I played five rounds of Zingo today, and I’m done with it. For today! We love the BusyTown game– it’s one of the few games where the players are on a team to reach the end together. We also love Pass the Pigs and The LadyBug Game.

  2. Katie

    I teach preschool…my favorite game is The Ladybug Game. It was created by a young girl (I think she was 8 or 12). The kids in my class love it, too!

  3. amy

    ditto on Zingo and Busy Town! we also enjoy The Orchard/Raven game by Ravensburger–really anything by that company has been a hit too!

  4. Lisa

    My girls (12, 10, 1nd 8) play guess who, but with one modification: they are not allowed to ask the gender of the character. There are only 5 girls, so if you ask “Is your person a girl?” and it is, you have almost *no* chance of winning! My daughters and their friend prefer playing it this way. Also, zingo is a favorite, as is zooreka (sp.?).

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