Cute W loves playing games (we’ve mentioned a few before), so we usually get a few at Christmas. One of this year’s favorites is Fluxx. In this card game each player is dealt three cards, and the first player follows the Basic Rules: pick up one card, then play one card from their hand. One … [Read more…]

Saturday Fun

We had an excellent Saturday. We started with an early-morning soccer game, with M playing and Cute W coaching. The kids played well and won, so there record is now 2-0. Whoop, whoop. Later in the morning we headed out to pick apples. We decided to orchard-hop, heading to Lindsey’s for ladder-climbing fun and not … [Read more…]

Birthday Party Fun

J’s attended 2 of her 3 birthday parties of the weekend, and I hung around Friday’s party long enough that I couldn’t resist taking a couple of pictures to share. First, rainbow fruit skewers. . . cute, right? Lucky for me, some of the kids were suspicious of the mangoes, which were recruited to represent … [Read more…]

Cuddles with Big Kids

When I was thinking about the whole big kids/little kids thing, I remembered something I hear all the time, which is how little babies and toddlers are so cuddly, cuddly, cuddly, and then big kids don’t want to cuddle. Well, yes, okay. Sort of true. It would be lovely if there were a happy medium … [Read more…]

A Game: Set

We got the game Set for Christmas, and I’ve been meaning to post about it, because it’s a good one. Set is a strange game. We heard about it from my niece, whose math teacher would let the kids play it in class sometimes. Of course, that gives you the vague impression that it’s educational, … [Read more…]

Small World

Cute W loves games. He’s always finding a new game to try with the girls.  He particularly likes strategy games, which can be a tough sell for them. But a new favorite with M is Small World. It’s recommended for ages 8 and up, and I think that’s pretty accurate. J finds it intimidating, but … [Read more…]