The Wonder Room

Yesterday I finally visited The Wonder Room. J signed up for their gingerbread-house-making session part of their Community Table Sampler series. They had plenty of fun supplies! In fact, they pretty much have plenty of fun supplies everywhere: the seasonal, the classics, the trendy. . . check, check, check. While J was crafting away, I was … [Read more…]

Projects Around the House

I was just chatting with another mom about how we’ve mentally and emotionally checked out of school. We’re done. It was so gorgeous outside tonight, and the girls were having such fun, again, that it just kills me to make them come inside and go to bed. Especially since there’s not too much actual learning … [Read more…]

Our Day

How cute is this? J decided to draw a “map” to plan her day the other morning. Sort of clockwise from lower left, that’s: Swing on tree swing Shop with mom at grocery store Lie down on bed Go to piano lesson (she climbs stairs up to the house) Jump rope Ride bike Read bedtime … [Read more…]


Alright, I don’t know where the heck I’ve been all summer, but today I finally discovered that there’s a new indoor playground in East Greenbush called MiMi’s Kids Club.  Luckily for everyone involved, I figured it out mere hours before her gala make-your-own-sundaes Family Event tonight from 3-7 pm.   Who doesn’t enjoy some free ice … [Read more…]

Free Summer Events Preview #2

I had absolutely no Capital District Fun today.  It was a bad, bad day.  It was almost comically bad, like my recent car trip.  So that I started taking pictures to document my intense lack of fun for your pleasure.  But I’m too exhausted to go into the story.  So that will be tomorrow’s post.  … [Read more…]

Ready for Camping?

No, neither am I.  It’s way too cold for me.  But did you realize that, during the school year, places offer the opportunity for some overnight fun? The Children’s Museum of Science and Technology has camp-ins that cost $30/child and include activities, a planetarium show, a light snack, and breakfast.  Individuals can come to a … [Read more…]