Alright, I don’t know where the heck I’ve been all summer, but today I finally discovered that there’s a new indoor playground in East Greenbush called MiMi’s Kids Club.  Luckily for everyone involved, I figured it out mere hours before her gala make-your-own-sundaes Family Event tonight from 3-7 pm.   Who doesn’t enjoy some free ice cream?

If there are readers out there who’ve noticed possibly fun places like MiMi’s and have wondered why oh why Katie is so slow and hasn’t figured it out yet, please, look within yourself and ask, why oh why didn’t I tell Katie so that she could share the fun? Please, think of the fun karma you could be receiving.  I just don’t want you to miss out.

Meanwhile, I’m going to a school event today which includes a Cake Walk.  I hate how those nasty-tasting-but-gimmicky looking cakes always get picked first, like a grocery store cake with a food coloring rainbow explosion, or maybe one of those gooey fruit-on-devil’s-food numbers.  So I made a regular chocolate-on-chocolate cake and then pondered what I could do that was gimmicky enough to be sought-after, yet would not interfere with my Culinary Integrity. . .

Ta Da!!

That’s right, baby!!  Silly bandz knock offs!  Right?  Right?  Don’t you think that it’ll go quick?  I’m feeling optimistic. . . .


  1. Mari

    Should go fast! Your post reminds me of one of our favorite Junie B. Jones books where she chooses the fruit cake!

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