I mentioned DIY hair in the last post, so here’s more on that. The good news is, M’s hair is lovely without any styling: The bad news is that in the grand tradition of All Girls Everywhere Always, she wanted exactly the opposite of what she had, meaning curly hair instead of straight hair. Well. … [Read more…]

Mother’s Day-Prom Weekend

My eyes popped open at 3:24 am. According to the official prom schedule, the post-prom party at Via Entertainment was ending at 3:30 am, so it seemed likely M would arrive home any time. She had no post-post-parties planned: her limo crew seemed a little too wholesome for truly extended partying. M, for one, is … [Read more…]

Easy Listening

I started writing this blog post months ago, but as you know, I’ve been busy! So the radio change was a while back, now. Incidentally, I’ve been using the Stitcher app on my phone to listen to podcasts, and I’ve been so busy with podcasts that I haven’t listened to an audio book in a … [Read more…]


Just when I get cocky and start thinking that I know stuff, I am reminded again of just how clueless I am. Here are a couple of examples. First, track. We still don’t get it. On Wednesday, M ran a 3000 meter race–longer than she’d like, for sure–at her school track meet. We watched. She … [Read more…]

Proctors Lately

I really like Proctors. I like theater, I like the role Proctors plays in Schenectady, and I like how they are so efficient that they help promote all sorts of other arts organizations that can’t necessarily get their acts together. This year, for the first year, we became season subscribers. I like the theory of … [Read more…]

Prom, Apparently

Last week, I was working at the concession stand during M’s track meet. This was my second time at this new volunteer gig, and I was feeling pretty good because I was no longer make rookie mistakes like tearing the entire lid off the ramen noodles (open just enough to get the hot water into … [Read more…]


It’s about time I caught you up on our Spain trip. Last year, we approached our Paris trip as the trip of a lifetime. We weren’t sure how it would go, we weren’t sure if we’d ever take the kids to Europe again, and I did a ton of pre-trip preparation. This time. . . … [Read more…]

Yes. I Am Judging You, Sports Parents.

Years back, I went into a full-on rant about judging other parents, and how I do not want to do it. Even though sometimes it is really hard. And, yes, I still agree with my years-ago ranting. And I remain committed to not consuming media that judges parents, like, for sport. But, honestly? It’s getting … [Read more…]

New Pasta Making Stuff

We’ve been enjoying some of Cute W’s birthday gifts, a pasta roller attachment for our KitchenAid and a ravioli mold. Cute W is a sucker for kitchen gadgets, and the rest of the family gets to enjoy the spoils of his labors whenever he gets something new. In retrospect, I sort of can’t believe that … [Read more…]