Saturday in Philadelphia

I’ve already described Day 1 of our long weekend in Philadelphia, and we decided to explore “Historic Philadelphia” on Saturday. It’s started with a short walk to pick up our tickets at the Independence Visitor Center for our visit to Independence Hall. It’s free to visit Independence Hall, which is part of the National Park … [Read more…]


We’ve mostly avoided calamity since my last post. Mostly. Yesterday was M’s prom, and in the brief moment in which she removed her phone’s case in order to slide her official prom ticket inside for safe keeping since her dress was too va-va-va-voom for pockets, she fumbled the phone and it shattered on our driveway. … [Read more…]

Outdoing Myself

Last you heard, I was a hobbling one-woman vigilante. I’m pleased to report that my calf is almost fully functional again. In fact, it’s in a happy place: I was capable of taking a walk with my friend during the lovely weather yesterday (once I told her to slow down) but I’m not quite up … [Read more…]

Not a Stellar Day

Here are three photographs I took today, in reverse chronological order. First, the yogurt that I dropped with enough force that it broke the brand-new container, spilling yogurt as it skittered across the floor. Really, that one’s hardly even picture-worthy, except that it occurred shortly after this lunchtime shot: Why yes, that was my lunch … [Read more…]


We took a weekend trip to Philadelphia! For the last two years we’ve had magnificent spring breaks in France and Spain. This year, M’s enjoying a two-week vacation-and-exchange-trip to Spain with her school, and the rest of us. . . had no particular plan at all. So we decided that we needed some sort of … [Read more…]

New Recipe!

I mentioned yesterday that I was working on a new recipe, and I’m so happy with it that I feel the need to share it immediately. It’s from one of our favorite cookbooks (which I’ve mentioned before), Mexican Everyday by Rick Bayless. Here’s why I got so excited about this recipe. First, it’s delicious. Second, … [Read more…]


Our sweet M is exploring Spain! From what I can tell, she seems to be having a wonderful time and thoroughly exhausting herself. We’ve received several lovely photos of her smiling with her friends, and I continue to be fiendishly jealous, especially since I was fortunate enough to travel to Europe with high school friends, … [Read more…]

April Showers

Beyond the thunderstorm we had today, M has been showered with all sorts of good fortune and swag this week. On Saturday, she and her relay teammates won their race at a track meet, and the whole team won the track meet, which means she came home with a t-shirt labeled “CHAMPION” and a couple … [Read more…]


Guess where I am right now? In the waiting room at the orthodontist’s office while J gets her braces off! Whoop, whoop! — Okay, well I started in the waiting room. But then J came out while they were creating her retainers and we had to analyze the dresses in People magazine instead. We agreed … [Read more…]

March Updates

I interrupted my general family updates with two big ol’ rants about college admissions, and in between I’ve started to write other posts, but we’ve been running ourselves a little ragged at our house. In the last post before I started ranting about college admissions, I mentioned that the kittens are a delight while the … [Read more…]