Catching Up!

I haven’t been super-awesome at keeping up here, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been keeping myself busy. So here’s what’s been going on. First, with spring, there’s been lots of gardening. Cute W has begun his most ambitious vegetable garden yet, while I continue with my native plant-a-palooza. This year, that’s mostly been … [Read more…]

Tourist Time in D.C.

We are in the home stretch for G’s stay here in the US, which means that we are packing in as many of her bucket list activities as possible. For Memorial Day weekend, we took advantage of her time off from school to drive down to Washington, DC. Cute W and I are big fans … [Read more…]

New Schenectady Spots

I’ve had a good time checking out a few new local places, so I thought I’d do a little report on them. First: Unbeetable on Clinton Street in downtown Schenectady. This is a fully vegan restaurant, bar, and arcade, and I’ve been meaning to check it out, but then recently it was the venue for … [Read more…]

Throwback Photos – Part 2

I promised photos of me as Thespian and Style Icon, and when I started this post, I thought I’d capture both in a single post, but it turns out that my Style Icon collection was much weaker than I originally thought, so I’ll have to check the archives and see if I can add a … [Read more…]

Throwback Photos – Part 1

I mentioned that my Mom sent me home from my last visit with old photos, and one of my tasks lately has been to get them sorted and organized. This is a huge project that is getting folded into sorting through more recent photos that I already had stored away and have been meaning to … [Read more…]

Embroidered Sneakers

I’m still doing embroidery, and I decided, after the tragic loss of my baseball cap, that my next project would be to embroider a pair of sneakers. You may have seen all sorts of embroidered Converse on Etsy and elsewhere, and they are adorable. However, I wasn’t sure if mine would end up adorable, and … [Read more…]

Eclipse 2024

Hey! I don’t know what your level of enthusiasm was for the recent solar eclipse, but it’s been a hot topic among my work colleagues for literally years. To catch yourself up on why, read last week’s KidsOutAndAbout publisher’s note, which I hijacked from Deb. We had made tentative eclipse Zone of Totality plans and … [Read more…]

Yes, And… More Vegetables

Cute W was out of town for a few days, and while he was, I took the opportunity to try a couple of new recipes. There’s really no logical reason why I should save “alone time” for trying new recipes, except that it is always disappointing when you try a new recipe and it turns … [Read more…]

Straddling Spring & Winter

I started walking in the mornings, which felt delightful, and then it got cold again and the contrast between my warm, snuggly bed and damp chilly wind outside was simply more than I could bear. The trouble with this time of year is that at first you’re so winter-acclimated that a sunny 30-degree day feels … [Read more…]

Social Media

I feel like social media has been a bit of a struggle lately. I am old enough to remember back when we had three to five TV channels, and most people watched the most popular shows or big broadcasts like the Super Bowl and the Olympics. And then things fractured more and more, first into … [Read more…]