The Worm Has Turned For J

J’s first gymnastics meet of the season was today, and it was at the same Y as our first meet ever just last year. If you don’t remember, that meet ended with an excruciating awards ceremony in which my child sat hopefully and listened as many, many, many children’s names were called to receive the … [Read more…]

Another Recipe Fail Prompts Me To Establish A Convoluted Rating System That Doesn’t Exist But Should

The other day Cute W messaged me with a link to a recipe. They were cookies that looked decadent, labor-intensive, and utterly delicious. I don’t know why he sends me these things. Seriously, I already make plenty of unhealthful yummy foods that I love to eat, and I don’t need to acquire more unbelievably tasty … [Read more…]

Sky Zone

UPDATE: Turns out Sky Zone is coming to Albany in 2014! While we visited Kansas City over the summer, one of our outings was to Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park. Basically, it’s a huge space full of trampolines. The main area feels about as big as a small school gym, and it’s surrounded on three … [Read more…]

Welcome to My Train Wreck

Tomorrow’s J’s birthday party, and the cake thing wasn’t going so well today. It was supposed to be a triple-layer cake, but after I’d successfully pulled removed one layer from the pan, the second wasn’t going to well. I panicked and left the third one to cool more, and J tried to do it herself. … [Read more…]

Getting Oriented

Wednesday was Middle School Orientation for M. She’s been super-excited about middle school for months now, and it was only, say, Tuesday night that I actually saw some low-level anxiety. Back in June parents had received the advice that we might want to get a combination lock for kids to practice opening, because kids are … [Read more…]

Epiphany-free zone.

Phew. I typed this in yesterday, but then I was having technical difficulties. Once it was established that we’d be repainting the girls’ rooms, removing the old paint on the molding around the windows and doors was obvious. We live in an old house, and it’s apparent–well, almost everywhere, but perhaps most apparent–along the windowsills … [Read more…]