I’m Posting, Okay?

I’m having, like, blogger-block. Last night I was writing a post about our vacation and it was just too much for me. I wasn’t up for it. This is the problem when I don’t write. When I get started again, I feel like it needs to be high-quality and fabulous, which is pretty much paralyzing. … [Read more…]

Story of My Life

On Friday, M called me about 20 minutes after she left for school. She’d forgotten a book report project. Could I please, please drop it off? Usually, M’s terribly responsible. But in what I fear is an unwelcome new trend, she’d forgotten something just a week before. So as soon as I took Friday morning’s … [Read more…]

Hell, No!

Did I tell you that I’m taking a trip South? Yep! I’m having a “Girls Plus Dad Weekend” in Savannah for the Savannah Book Festival. Fun, right? Three out of four of my sisters and I are meeting down at my parents’ house. I’m actually writing this in the Philadelphia airport on Thursday morning, and … [Read more…]

Snowy Day

The truth is, I’m pretty pissed off about this snow situation. Yeah, I know, I know. I’m all about embracing winter. I have that page on my blog with winter fun, and I just wrote an article on trying out new winter sports for KidsOutAndAbout.com. I’m just irritated about the timing. We had, long ago, … [Read more…]

Parental Anxiety Overload

I had a little programming note that I meant to put at the end of this post. But then when I started writing it, it got so long that I fear you won’t have the patience to see it through to the end. So, if anyone’s interested, Josh Wagner at the Schenectady JCC told me … [Read more…]

An Easy Lasagna Recipe

I’ve struggled for years with trying to make a decent lasagna. Okay, not like I’d stay up nights fretting about it or I’d try recipe after recipe for weeks on end. More like, once every 6 months I’d try a recipe, and it would fail for one of the following reasons: 1) it was an … [Read more…]

That’s How We Roll

Oh, man, life is good at our house! We’re having fun by building character. Because that’s how we roll. So this morning, J got a precious gift: the gift of teeth spacers. She tried to model them, and if you see a teensy weensy little blue shadow inside her mouth, those are the spacers. But … [Read more…]