Breaking Bread

Over the weekend at church, we had our annual Thanksgiving service, one of my favorites of the year. Several members of the congregation bring bread: a great-grandmother’s recipe, the new recipe that the 4-year-old always requests, the gluten-free vegan recipe, or the bread they always pick up at Perreca‘s because nobody bakes at home. On … [Read more…]

A Festive Holiday Upgrade

And by “holiday,” I don’t mean Christmas. I mean the next important holiday coming up: Thanksgiving. Last year I posted about our Thankful Tree. We love the Thankful Tree. For years, it’s been a humble little construction paper-twig tree, like the original idea from Family Fun. But this year, with that heavy snowfall, we had … [Read more…]

Happy Thanksgiving!

At Thanksgiving we conducted an experiment.  Apparently Great Grandma B used to present the turkey on a platter with flaming sugar cubes.  She’d put cubes on slices of orange, then soak the cubes with lemon extract and light it On Fire! J, who is a 6-year-old Martha Stewart, envisioned a turkey surrounded by vegetables. She’d … [Read more…]

Thankful for Bedtime

Look at this amazingly crafty display someone put up in my kids’ school.  Seriously adorable, right?  I have a thing for felt, I tell ya. Oh!  And pilgrims, too! We had a conference with J’s kindergarten teacher today.  Also met with a mortgage guy about refinancing.  Plus two separate non-illness-related vomiting  episodes.  Went shopping for … [Read more…]

Holiday Deliciousness: The Cheeseball

We’re having relatives over for a birthday celebration, and J, who was confused about exactly what we’re celebrating, spent quite a bit of time making a lovely turkey garland for the occasion.  The prospect of getting together has put me into the holiday spirit early, so I thought that I’d share my first holiday recipe. … [Read more…]

Thankful Tree

I mentioned the other day that J was gathering up Halloween decorations, and that’s partly because she was excited to start our Thankful Tree.  We got the idea from Family Fun, and it’s a simple, cheap craft that’s become an annual tradition. Basically, you take a tree branch (ours has been re-used a couple of … [Read more…]