A Festive Holiday Upgrade

And by “holiday,” I don’t mean Christmas. I mean the next important holiday coming up: Thanksgiving.

Last year I posted about our Thankful Tree. We love the Thankful Tree. For years, it’s been a humble little construction paper-twig tree, like the original idea from Family Fun.

But this year, with that heavy snowfall, we had several branches just lounging all over our front yard. I couldn’t resist an upgrade. And then the twig was so pretty that it seemed a shame to hang those cut-out construction paper leaves, and I remembered that I have one of those fake-leaf garlands. Because while I am not generally a shopper, I am a sucker for a craft store seasonal bargain bin. Voila:





  1. Stephanie

    Last year instead of a tree we made a thankful garland out of real leaves, and wrote on them with silver sharpie. (I think I hot glued the stems along a piece of string.) It’s still hanging in the basement because I couldn’t bear to toss it.

  2. Oh, that sounds pretty, Stephanie. Yeah, after Thanksgiving I tuck all the leaves away into an envelope to keep. Maybe you should take pictures before it all crumples apart?

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