Working Group on Girls of Schenectady

Fall is volunteer recruiting season for the Working Group on Girls of Schenectady, so I wanted to take the opportunity to invite local women to join us! The Working Group on Girls of Schenectady was initiated by the League of Women Voters and the American Association of University Women 11 years ago. Representatives from local  girl-supporting organizations (a list … [Read more…]

Girls’ Circles

This year I’ve started a new activity that I haven’t mentioned on the blog until now. I am a muse. “Why, I knew that already!” you are no doubt saying, “because you always inspire wisdom within me, and you are in many other ways quite goddess-like!’ Well, thank you. But that’s not exactly what I … [Read more…]

New York State Education

UPDATE: Commissioner King will be at Myers Middle School in Albany this Thursday, October 24th, from 4-6 pm. You’ve probably already heard about NY State Education Commissioner John King cancelling his town hall-style forums, in which he’d planned to talk about Common Core and testing and listen to concerns from the community. It turns out … [Read more…]

Begging for Money for Schools

There was another budget meeting last night, and I didn’t go. I know, I know: I’m terrible. But Cute W was out of town, so I would have had to either just go for a little bit (because I wouldn’t want to leave the kids alone for long) or drag my children to the meeting … [Read more…]