Peck o’ Peppers

I mentioned that I had bunches of peaches, Deb at Kids Out and About is dealing with piles of cabbages, and the latest produce overwhelming me is hot peppers. Okay, so, for a while, I was doing well. We love to make salsa. And Cute W threw some peppers in with his homemade pickles. That … [Read more…]

Recovery Mode

My last post was before M’s big singing performance, and it went very well, thank you. Her singing was lovely and she was happy with it. It appears that this evil bug has passed by the adults of our household. Meanwhile, I dropped some balls in the course of nursing sick children and fretting about … [Read more…]

A Confession . . . and Other Produce News

Please don’t judge me.  I almost didn’t find the courage to share this.  I am about to inflict pesticide-ridden strawberries on a whole group of innocent, cherubic, nursery-school children. I am the helper at our co-op nursery school on Wednesday, and J requested strawberries.  Repeatedly.  Today I went grocery shopping, and there weren’t any organic … [Read more…]