Strawberry Festival and a New Ice Cream Place: Delish

It’s a beautiful day for a bike ride, and the kids were eager to get out to the Strawberry Festival on Upper Union Street. Part of the early plan was to purchase some friends for Madison, our surviving goldfish, but at Union Street Aquarium the guy effectively scared us that our solo fish was going to outgrow his 5-gallon tank any minute, so we left with only an artificial plant. I also put in my name for a drawing for a 10-gallon tank. Ironic, since I was the only one opposed to more fish friends in the first place.

Cute W was also thrilled with samples of kielbasa, sausage, and cheese from Hickory Hill Smokehouse. We’d separated for a bit, so when he found me and learned that I had plenty of case, we had to rush back and get some meat Father’s Day treats.

But the most exciting of all was discovering Delish, an ice cream shop that’s opening at the corner of Union Street and Palmer Avenue, so a quick walk from our house. We sometimes walk to Stewart’s for ice cream now, but Cute W always complains about it. He doesn’t want to go to a gas station/convenience store for ice cream: he wants a family-owned ice cream parlor. And apparently his Father’s Day wish has been granted:


They actually weren’t quite ready for customers–the planned grand opening is for next week, but they couldn’t pass up Strawberry Festival Day. They were literally putting the sign up moments before I took a picture. I felt a little bit like a stalker, but this is breaking news, right? Meanwhile, the owners’ kids were running around and thinking their lucky stars that their parents were opening an ice cream place. The girl introduced herself as the boss, and her little brother said that he was the boss, too. She corrected and demoted him to assistant boss.

The Boss and Assistant Boss inspect the merchandise.

The Boss and Assistant Boss inspect the merchandise.

So they’re open today only, and for the moment it’s a bit bare bones, but they’re promising a grand opening with tables with umbrellas outside  very shortly. Hooray!

Today is also the grand opening of our town pool, so we’ve got more fun in store.



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