Holiday Detox

Guess what?  I figured out how to find the statistics on the number of people who’ve looked at the blog, and it was more than 9!  Yay!  It gives me the energy to keep plugging away.  I’m going to try to learn how to make my links prettier, for one thing.  And one of my big projects this week while I have free babysitters the in-laws visiting will be to gather up a ginormous  links page for all of us to enjoy.  Of course the best thing about their visit is that I’ll be able to avoid the Chipmunks movie entirely.

One thing my in-laws love to do is go to a farmers’ market, so we’ll probably be hitting the Schenectady Greenmarket on Sunday.  It’s open from 10 am to 2 pm.  If you haven’t gotten around to going, you should try it this weekend.  I mean, seriously, don’t you feel like you need to detox a little bit?  Get yourselves some vegetables, make a soup, and you’ll feel better.  Actually, my kids hate going to the farmers’ market because we inevitably run into people we know there and stop to chitchat every five minutes or so.  I’m always joking that they should run a shuttle bus from my church to the market at the rate people troop over there.  So our visits take forever.

But, hey, your schedule’s probably messed up already, so why not totally succumb to it?  Just plan on having your lunch there, especially if you have relatives visiting who will treat you!  And even if nothing they’re serving appeals to you or the kids (which would be tough), there’s always Thai or burritos or Indian food right there.  Whoops!  Now I’m beginning to sound like the lady who used to come into TCBY back when I was a yogurt slinger and she’d ask for the special diet sundae and then substitute fudge and caramel for the fresh fruit toppings it was supposed to contain.  And then we’d all snicker with the contempt you can only find from high school kids at a minimum wage job who are missing a keg party at that very moment.  So maybe you should set aside the pad thai and samosas and head back over to the market.  There’s always music and extraordinarily pleasant people, and they even take food stamps or credit cards.  So what’s not to like?

If  Sunday’s not good for you, the Troy Farmers Market is on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm.

Speaking of eating some vegetables on the post-holiday detox plan, did you know that ice skating burns a ton of calories?  There’s public skating on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons at  Union’s Messa Rink,  Clifton Park Arena, and  Schenectady County Recreational Facility (by the airport).  They’re all at naptime–there seems to be a conspiracy about that.  But, it’s a relatively cheap activity, and places usually have buckets for the littlest kids to push around.  We’ve skated at Union and SCRF, and Union’s been much quieter when we’ve gone.

I promise, I have more things to do this weekend, but I got lost on a tangent, and I’m trying to learn to pace myself.

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