Awesome Local Girl Power Film Festival!

How cool is this? . . . Okay, I’ve misled you. There actually isn’t an awesome local girl power film festival. But on the bright side, it feels like there’s an unofficial, slightly-spread-out-on-the-calendar girl power film festival. Here’s what’s coming up: On Wednesday, February 25th at GE Theater at Proctors, there’s a 5:30 pm reception, … [Read more…]


Happy Thanksgiving! For the record, Cute W’s turkey was a triumph: Cooked in an hour and 45 minutes, the juiciest turkey I’ve ever eaten and scrumptious gravy. He so rocks. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and/or Thanksgivukah. Um, what else? Grandma and Grandpa took us to see Frozen yesterday (watch out–the official site … [Read more…]


It’s about time that I confessed to all of you that I let M join Instagram. And I feel like it’s a confession because it’s one of those slightly questionable parenting decisions that I made thinking, “Gosh, I hope that this is the right thing to do.” First of all, M just turned 11 and … [Read more…]

We Go See Taylor Swift

On Thursday, we drove down to New Jersey, met my sister and three out of four members of her family for dinner, and then my sister and her 12-year-old daughter and Cute W, M, J, and I all went to see Taylor Swift in Newark. We had an excellent time, even though the only way … [Read more…]


You may remember that I gave the girls permission to watch Downton Abbey a while ago, in fact just days before an episode which was so sad that I regretted having granted permission in the first place. Well, they love Downton Abbey, and we’ve already blown through two and a half seasons. Tonight we finally … [Read more…]

Skiing & A Show

We left on Sunday for our annual Jiminy Peak trip. We arrived in the late afternoon, enough time to hit the slopes before dinner. We were with a crowd, so when J ran out of steam, I brought her back to our hallway at the Country Inn for her to hang out with folks while … [Read more…]