Awesome Local Girl Power Film Festival!

How cool is this? . . . Okay, I’ve misled you. There actually isn’t an awesome local girl power film festival. But on the bright side, it feels like there’s an unofficial, slightly-spread-out-on-the-calendar girl power film festival. Here’s what’s coming up: On Wednesday, February 25th at GE Theater at Proctors, there’s a 5:30 pm reception, … [Read more…]

Female Anatomy

Did you know that today is International Day of the Girl Child? At our house, I tried to kick off the celebration early yesterday, because I had something very special in the house. . . That’s right! Our very own female anatomical model! Whoop, whoop! . . . As it turns out, I was the … [Read more…]

Cartoon Women and Our Media Diet

I’m fed up with distorted images of women and girls. Recently the websites I frequent kept assaulting me with pictures of a mother who’d made some questionable choices. It doesn’t matter which mother, because these news stories are all the same. Just another mother who does something extreme, which becomes sensationalized, it seems, entirely so … [Read more…]

Girl Power Summer Camps

Over the weekend, I visited Hudson Valley Community College’s Summer Camp Fair.  I walked around telling people to add their camps to, and I heard about tons and tons of programs for the summer. Debra’s been sharing a “Camp of the Day” on the KidsOutAndAbout Facebook page, which somehow makes it seem just fun … [Read more…]

At Our House, Every Day’s the Day of the Girl

Thanks so much for all of the preschool game suggestions in the comments! Hey, did you know that tomorrow’s the Day of the Girl? Yeah, I didn’t either. But I’m very excited because over at New Moon Girls, they’re launching Girl-Caught. You can print out your own stickers to slap onto advertisements or products, one … [Read more…]

Favorite Breastfeeding Spots in the Capital District

I was going to talk about breastfeeding in my Teensy Babies posts (here & here), but after I’d asked for suggestions on where to breastfeed, I realized that there was way too much information.  I’ve divided the list into easy places to nurse for the brand-new mom, who’s really looking for privacy and quiet, and … [Read more…]

More News

Over my oatmeal this morning, I read in the Gazette that Hot Harry’s on Union Street in Schenectady will be opening for lunch today.  Don’t bother to click on the Gazette link unless you’re already a subscriber: they are one of those websites that make you pay for the privilege of reading them (bitter?  yes, … [Read more…]