At Our House, Every Day’s the Day of the Girl

Thanks so much for all of the preschool game suggestions in the comments!

Hey, did you know that tomorrow’s the Day of the Girl? Yeah, I didn’t either.

But I’m very excited because over at New Moon Girls, they’re launching Girl-Caught. You can print out your own stickers to slap onto advertisements or products, one that says “This is GIRL-CAUGHT! It disrespects girls & women. Stop It!” and another that says “This is GIRL-CAUGHT! It respects girls & women. Thank you!”

I’m pretty excited, actually. I can barely restrain myself from running out and buying label stock right now. It’s such nice, not-too-scary, sort-of-passive activism. I do think it’s helpful for getting people to sort of train themselves to look at things with a critical eye. And it’s more effective than what usually happens, which is me muttering angrily in the Bratz aisle of my local big box store.

It’s been a girls-only household for us the last few days.  Cute W’s out of town all this week. He even has to miss M’s Back-to-School Night tomorrow. Most of us are coping okay, but our poor cat is bitter and disoriented. She prefers to sleep nestled between his straddled legs.




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