Groovy or Interesting Camps

This week M has a week of our town playground camp. Many kids are not huge fans of this camp, but the unstructured playtime and sports are just what M loves. She fully intends to continue doing playground camp this summer and next, after which she’ll be a CIT. Whoo, hoo! J, meanwhile, is attending … [Read more…]

Vinewood Acres Farm Camp

We’ve been doing Farm Camp at Vinewood Acres for the first time this year. M went last week with some of her friends, and J’s going this week. The person who runs the camp is a kindergarten teacher, and most of the animals are rescued in one way or another. Like the brown horse, below, … [Read more…]

Girl Power Summer Camps

Over the weekend, I visited Hudson Valley Community College’s Summer Camp Fair.  I walked around telling people to add their camps to, and I heard about tons and tons of programs for the summer. Debra’s been sharing a “Camp of the Day” on the KidsOutAndAbout Facebook page, which somehow makes it seem just fun … [Read more…]

Back Home!

First, a little art camp news to pass along to you. Someone wrote to tell me (well, us really) about Omi International Arts Center in Ghent and its art camps for kids from ages 5 to teens. I also heard from the Arts Center of the Capital Region in Troy that they have so many … [Read more…]

More Summer Programs

First, the health report. J appears to have shaken her fever, although she’s not at her best. She took a huge nap this afternoon, so she’s currently lying in bed at 10:20 pm wide awake. I think that we’re going to do a modified schedule tomorrow, hopefully sleeping in, heading to school late, taking a … [Read more…]

Soccer Camp Giveaway

We overindulged at our charitable auctions and ended up with a week of soccer camp scheduled for the same week as our Lake Placid trip. So I’m giving it away! It’s SOCCERTECH. According to the director, “This is our 12th year running the camp. All staff members are certified teachers employed in N. Colonie, S. … [Read more…]

Summer Camps, the 2011 List

Update: If you’re checking this list after 2011, you should check out the Summer Camp list. You can do a search by topic or by week to find a summer camp! Time to get ready for camps again, and there are tons of them.  This year, I’m not searching like a crazy person. I’m … [Read more…]

Free Summer Events Preview #4

More free summer stuff! But first, as a public service announcement, I’m issuing a parental advisory. Moms, you must not, under any circumstances, take speaking children with you into the dressing room when trying on swimsuits.  I know:  it’s such an unpleasant task anyway that it’s tough to use precious “me time” for this. However, … [Read more…]

Summer Camps, or Prepare to be Overwhelmed

UPDATE: This post is from 2010, so it’s outdated. Here’s a link to the KidsOutAndAbout Summer Camps page, which is more comprehensive and is updated each year.   Okay, that berry-picking syndrome has happened again. I’ve been keeping a running list of summer camps as various organizations have emailed me, and I thought that it … [Read more…]