Albany Children’s Book Festival

At Amy’s urging, the girls and I finally made it to the Albany Children’s Book Festival. This annual festival has been growing each year, and today’s event included about 70 children’s authors and illustrators, exhibitors, and kid-friendly entertainment. It’s held at The Albany Academies, which judging only from the Albany Academy for Girls’ athletic center, … [Read more…]

More Summer Programs

First, the health report. J appears to have shaken her fever, although she’s not at her best. She took a huge nap this afternoon, so she’s currently lying in bed at 10:20 pm wide awake. I think that we’re going to do a modified schedule tomorrow, hopefully sleeping in, heading to school late, taking a … [Read more…]

Scary Stuff

In J’s class there’s a case of head lice, and she came home itching.  I went and got some kill-the-bugs shampoo. We kept reassuring her that this was “just in case”, or, as W likes to call it, a “prophylactic measure”.  Every time he said it I’d start to giggle because it sounds dirty.  Am … [Read more…]

Fairy Gardens

I’m catching up on the birthday party craftiness with the cute little gardens that we made for our fairies. Here are some supplies: I bought a peat-moss-looking table runner as well as some vase fillers and pretty little scrapbooking roses at Michael’s.  I cut the table runner up into small-ish pieces and glued them onto … [Read more…]

Misc. Plus Local Blogs Go Crafty

One of the perks of the Vibram Five Fingers. . . You’re not just running:  you’re also picking flowers!  Which reminds me, here’s a local photography blog with a simple-but-satisfying Queen Anne’s Lace Project.  And as long as we’re talking local blogs and craftiness, here’s a blog about family fun in the Adirondacks with a … [Read more…]

Albany Art Room

I finally made it to the Albany Art Room!   I’ve been wanting to visit ever since I found out about it while working on my Big Ol’ List of Links.  Today we were planning on meeting W for lunch in downtown Albany with our out-of-town friends before saying goodbye to them, so it was the … [Read more…]

Roses, Art

We took a bike ride to the Central Park Rose Garden after dinner–the girls frolicked with some random children, people were pushing strollers around, and it was positively serene.  So worth a visit, especially if you want to get some good family pictures.  There’s a bridge that the girls love, and J likes to compare … [Read more…]

Birthday at Bumble Beads

J went to a birthday party today at Bumble Beads in Latham.  I hadn’t ever been inside, although I’d peered in one day when we were visiting Hoffman’s Playland, which is right next door. The mom provided snacks, pizza, & dessert.  The store provided the space (a little alcove portion of the store), two crafts … [Read more…]