This morning J slid under the covers beside me while I was still half-awake. “Can you tell me what we’re doing again?” she asked. A moment into my summary of the hectic weekend’s agenda, she touched my arm, “Maybe you could draw a picture like you do sometimes?” If you haven’t noticed this about me … [Read more…]

Scary Stuff

In J’s class there’s a case of head lice, and she came home itching.  I went and got some kill-the-bugs shampoo. We kept reassuring her that this was “just in case”, or, as W likes to call it, a “prophylactic measure”.  Every time he said it I’d start to giggle because it sounds dirty.  Am … [Read more…]

Grocery Cart o’ Horror. . . .

It wasn’t the best day.  Just prior to bedtime, M couldn’t understand why J and I were so angry about how she’d just picked up a piece of J’s ceramic tea set and threw it up and down until it hit the ceiling and shattered.  Like, what’s the big deal?  Sorry. Prior to that, we … [Read more…]

It’s That Time of Year!

If you’re interested in library programs, now’s the time to check into them, since some libraries require that you register the kids for a whole series.  This is also a good time to check into classes in general.  Music studios, gyms, and schools of all kinds will often let you attend a sample class or … [Read more…]


J’s been wanting her ears pierced since M got them done last fall.  Now, I’m not one of those mothers who feels strongly that their daughter’s virgin ears have to reach a specific age (Does anyone know that Eddie from Ohio song, One Thousand Sarahs?  Sarah’s  got pierced ears and “all the mothers said her … [Read more…]

Roadtrip Facts and Figures

Approximate total number of hours en route:  13. Number of minutes on road before a Starbucks stop:  approximately 25. Number of wrong turns: only 1!  My fault. Number of movies watched:  4 (Charlotte’s Web, Scooby Doo Pirates Ahoy, Mary Poppins, The Incredibles). Number of times M asked for the definition of a name that W … [Read more…]

Free Summer Events Preview #4

More free summer stuff! But first, as a public service announcement, I’m issuing a parental advisory. Moms, you must not, under any circumstances, take speaking children with you into the dressing room when trying on swimsuits.  I know:  it’s such an unpleasant task anyway that it’s tough to use precious “me time” for this. However, … [Read more…]

Seriously, you guys?

Is it ever going to stop raining?  Because I’m just so done with it.  I was looking at the many, many events that got completely washed out today.  For ourselves, we engaged in  delightful activities: Disassembling the food processor for sport. This was W’s idea:  he comes from a family of handy people, and apparently … [Read more…]